Original Artwork


The first in a series of paintings, this Bison image will explore traditional to abstract works of an iconic and enduring part of the myth & romance of The American Frontier.

33” x 33” Acrylic


The relationship between a water foul hunter and a bird dog is legendary. It is a transcendent, emotional connection. This composition was extremely challenging for me and yet the most enjoyable. At 28 x 36, I used my fingers, twigs, q-tips and a tiny brush to execute the entire painting… whew! Wingmaster represents a pinnacle moment in the hunter/ retriever experience. When the bird is downed, this retriever must locate and return the bird with an angel’s touch.

28” x 36” Acrylic


The spectacular Aerobatics performed by the Osprey during nesting is breathtaking. The male osprey’s sky dance delivers the nesting to the female who builds the structure. Some nests are as large as 7 feet deep and 3 feet in diameter.

9” x 12” Acrylic


Peregrine Falcons are perfect predators. They rise high above their prey, tuck their wings in tightly and dive into an explosive descent upon their target. The Falcon is the fastest animal on earth. They have been clocked at over 200 miles per hour.

36” x 26” Acrylic


As the day turns to night, a calm silence eases into a very special experience…time alone.

9” x 12” Acrylic


A painting of two rhinoceroses in an immovable stance… horns up, ready to fight. Rhinos are territorial and aggressive. In this composition the rhinos have already violated each other’s space. Yet the only full color area in the art is down the center. As an artist, this allegorical stand off represents “creation & destruction.”

19” x 31” Polychromos Pencils


The beautiful rhythmic dance of an angler and flowing water, fly-fishing down river.

29” x 21” Polychromos Pencil


In all the wild, there is no more frightening  sound than the roar of a lion.
The deep, prolonged cry announces the presence of the King of Beasts.

21” x 33” Polychromos Pencil


I have chosen to depict the lion with a celebration of line painting. The intense line work expresses the majesty and fury of the King Cat.

31” x 35” Polychromos Pencil


A ferocious beast with enormous strength explodes from the cover of darkness and overwhelms its prey in a heartbeat. I chose to push the composition to elicit an immediate emotional experience.

30” x 31” Acrylic


A Pistol Packin’,Bubble Popin’, Pioneer of Pop Art.

20” x 30” Acrylic


I have always been fascinated by the Buckaroo. They are the art and class of wrangling. Known for their mastery of horsemanship, flashy style and unique personal expression, the Buckaroo embraces life with purpose and commitment.

36” x 24” Colored Pencil and Water Color


There is a profound, visceral experience creating Art with the harmony of two mediums. Colored pencil and Water Color, Art and Design stage a dramatic synthesis of intellect and emotion.

23” x 30” Colored Pencil and Water Color


The essence of the west remains constant. To me, the evolution of the American West is an exciting journey of discovery, bravery and wonderment.  There was once only nature. “Way out West” tells the story of a cowboy casting his gaze on the grandeur and immensity of the most beautiful country in the world.

25”x 38” Oil Pencil and Watercolor


“Bronco Ballet” expresses the dance between an unbroken Bronc’ and a cowboy Hell-bent on correcting that situation. This was a particularly challenging piece to do.  The power and movement, juxtaposed to the shapeless, abstract depiction of dust and atmosphere required a significant amount of invention, detail and time.

25”x 38” Oil Pencil and Watercolor


Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

24”x 38” Colored Pencil


By taking away the element of color, an artist is forced to rely upon his skillful use of design, composition and lighting to tell the story.

Size 19”x 27” Polychromos Pencil


There was once a time when man and nature lived in harmony. There was no ownership. A proud people witnessed a devastating change to their environment and way of life. They would never soar with the Eagles again.

19.5”x 27” Polychromos Pencil